Shopping season, getting the essentials and the ones you don’t need

We’ve all been there, went shopping for one thing and ended up with another. Personally aside from getting sidetracked with all the wants in the world that I actually don’t need, my eye always catches on storefront details, finishes, textures, materials. I am an ambulatory design recorder, documenting what catching my eye, appreciatively or not…

When I shop for clients I never feel distracted. It is completely different when the buying becomes a part of a project. Professional buying applies a filter to browsing that confidently edits, reshuffles and combines the finds with all the other elements of the design, such as room wall colours, flooring finish lights and so forth, that I do not have with me when shopping.

What starts as a casual walk-thru ends up being a productive and to the point accessories hunt. Once all is brought back to the room, home, lobby or sales centre that I’m working on, the room fits in and its “done”, much like a puzzle where all pieces click in.

And accessories are always fun and table accessories especially at Christmas I find are a must. You can get away with spending very little money for a great effect – like these bread baskets from Crate and Barrell for instance.

Or add a splash of colour to your kitchen, quite the conversation piece when everyone is in your way as you’re trying to prepare dinner:

Smeg came in with a gorgeous signature line in the so recognizable Dolce and Gabbana patterns. You can get a matching set of toaster and beverage both available at William Sonoma.

And.. as I walk around I cannot but notice the Gauguin inspired modern leaves at Tiffany’s:

From light fixtures, to accent, to composite wall panel, the theme is clear and consistent, well done.

As you’ve guessed, this trip is mostly about table settings, with minor sidetracks on the way. Unlike some big-ticket items dishes allow you to change your mind, revert, replay and combine how things are done.

Adding fun pieces and not being too attached to them, will give you the fun of periodically updating and changing without the suit. Homesense I find is a fabulous place to get quality pieces at a great free of guilt price.

A tip! always look for art and rugs at Homesense; not often, but sometimes, they have unique pieces that may be just what you’re looking, for at a steal.

All and all, a well finishes project has an ease to it where you do not catch anything out of place. To have the foresight of pulling all that together is where a good professional can make all the difference. Small price to pay for a lot of money to save.

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