Remembering Summer

Do you not hate it when you think you have the brightest idea only to find out someone had it before?
To me, that happens a lot. I’m unsure if I should be grateful that I have many good ideas, or frustrated that I’m not the first thinking them.
Having an occupation that constantly demands my creativity to spin out images, definitions, concepts, spaces, compositions and the like makes days exciting and invigorating. A tingling self-sufficient mind with perpetually rewarding gratification.
This was just such a nice soft summer day.. when after a productive site visit to one of my projects I stopped for lunch with my client at Gabby’s to have this deliciously looking and tasting salad. Presentation is almost everything in this town or gourmet-savvy clientele.
Then out on Bloor Street, the ROM echoed with the sound of the street band weaving happy tunes in the warm summer air.
So I thought I would write this little article and call it… Remembering summer. A time when things are easy and sunny no matter what. And then I stumbled upon this wonderful eponymous poem, my little literary find to keep me warm on this rainy fall day:
“Remembering Summer” by W. S. Merwin
Being too warm the old lady said to me
is better than being too cold I think now
in between is the best because you never
give it a thought but it goes by too fast
I remember the winter how cold it got
I could never get warm wherever I was
but I don’t remember the summer heat like that
only the long days the breathing of the trees
the evenings with the hens still talking in the lane
and the light getting longer in the valley
the sound of a bell from down there somewhere
I can sit here now still listening to it

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