Direct from Puerto Plata

In between the over 2500 meters above sea level mountains carved with mysterious caves and the wide span beaches quiet in the sun, up on the north shore of the Dominican lies a story of lifestyle incomprehensible to most western civilization.

This is a land where design means first and foremost safety, function and practicality and it is a tool of service to basic needs; it generally lacks the element of indulgence that traditionally accompanies the notion of design in North America.

Colour makes up for what lacks innovation in form and vestiges of European architectural influences managed somehow to remain standing in the silver port.

I find this troubling, how this land that offers the paradise to travellers struggles in the grip of fundamental strains. I like knowing that my travel here helps. Most revenue in the country comes from tourism which has increased substantially since six or seven years ago when I’ve been here last.

Sightseeing is pleasant; sightseeing is always discovering thus having a strong story to discover makes for not just any, but the best sightseeing…

These here are raw observations rather than distilled thought….more to come on this beautiful land and friendly people.

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