Al Fresco Modern Table Decor

Aaaa-almost smelling the summer…a day here, a day there, some would say you feel it in your bones, the non-gradual, rather chaotic back and forth seasonal change that is so typical in Ontario: one day sleeveless, one day parka.
The teaser of summer days makes you think of ..
Funky placemats
The round mats from Mepra are my favourite. Their street cover theme is made of non-slip rubber, come in two sizes and are dishwasher safe.
Coloured plates and cutleryPolicarbonate_20Cutlery_20by_20Mepra_203
Try the polycarbonate sets from Mepra, thy come in a variety of intense colours and will last you at least a couple of seasons unchanged
Bar prep
Chasing for the perfect wine bucket is always a challenge for me. Here are two great ones: striped, playful one from Mepra and classy from Alessi.
Unique accessoriesIcona-20Vintage-Delongh
Like this vintage looking espresso machine from De’Longhi and the pick your glass bowl from Guzzini,
and these beautiful little drink spoons from Casa Bugatti.
Let’s not forget the mood! These granite-landscape lights from Artemide will shine a subdued low light perfect for anything from friendly conversation to close socializing.
Use a mineral wax candle, they are long-lasting and scents are fabulously soft. The White Tea from Lothantique is a blend of fruits and florals.

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