Lit-Up, blast from the past, 2011

While looking for modern sleek lights on a current project, I stumbled on this older blog post with great examples. Thought I should re-share.

With “objects” you never know what lasts and what does not. I guess that’s how some of these pieces become iconic or classical. Some are trends that come and go. The ones that weather the trend like a storm are usually the ones that touch on something that the trendy ones never do – the permanence of true Style.

blast from the past …

Sharing some of my bright favourites as I look for accessories on current projects…[ Demajo’s Sospensione]

Modern can look classic and stay with you for a long time. [ the Soiree Table Lamp]

Great Shapes and proportion are as important as light quality [ Smart-Green Rock outdoor lamps]

This is a personal favourite from Sonnoman, it is only 6” deep so it can rest on a narrow ledge or console.

And last, the Spanish twist on the box-chrome table light. Look at the elegant simplicity of this exquisite piece. [ Estiluz Tovier Table Lamp]

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