Twenty Two beautiful fountain pens

Oh! I so like fountain pens! I have owned one since grade one, in fact, that was my first writing tool. I believe it was a Pelican.

And yes that should give you a hint at how old I am which I don’t really see it as a problem but rather an advantage.

Faber-Castell was, I think, my second brand.

So here is the point: I have and like collections. I do not have many, but they are quite deliberate and all are beautiful objects. I have recently decided to add to them the fountain pen category. I’m sharing here the ones that I’ve been browsing for.. Once the collection is being assembled, I will keep you posted with the results!

S.T. Dupont is ultimate luxury meets Pirates of the Caribbean – I like their direct and contextual marketing!

From Troika, I can get very fun, themed decorative pens. I can see these getting a bit much on certain occasions but they can deliver the young pleasure of novelty with each use.

Sailor has a large variety of many styles, good to browse. I have not held one yet, not sure where they are in terms of weight and ease of writing.

The translucent ones have quite the appeal and would definitely want to own one that displays the mechanism inside.

This one incorporates pink, a difficult colour, in an inventive and not over the top way.

This oriental theme is quite an original take

This one appeals to my need of imperfection here and there..

This one from Pilot I really like, it will make the cut I think..

Tombow, this I already own and believe to be the perfect one. Now I just have to get 22 more in trying to prove myself wrong..

Via Roma and Visconti pens are absolutely gorgeous looking old world pens.

Delta and Conklin have subtle variations on some of the classic designs.

Last but not least, the Porsche pen. Need to see it before I comment but they do have beautiful objects designed outside of the well-known eponymic car.


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