My 2 cents on Niagara Falls

Nature is encompassing beauty that nobody questions. Few beautiful things have such a universal following. Up there on the list, Niagara Falls is a force of nature to reckon with. Poorly emphasized from the surrounding built environment point of view, there is hope that someday the city will revitalize and allow for better design to enhance the experience of this marvelous display of power. 

The sound is the first you hear. Rumbling, continuous, strong humming towards you. It actually sounds more severe when you are further. When you move closer and can see, the combination of senses through which you’re experiencing it makes the sound more soothing while the visual moves to the foreground.

In winter the mist forms rainbows that arch high in the air. The edge of the falls, right there, where the earth sharply bends, makes the water swirl down sudden and always surprising, two kids at play.

The wide falls looks wider in the winter as the snow blanket carries over water and land alike erasing any boundaries. Exhausted water molecules stop one by one on crested icicles, frozen on small promontories, unable, one by one, to go down the immense rollercoaster. Others still energized, are flowing strongly like a horde of mad microscopic tribes aroused by the frigid temperatures.

Makes me want to go sleighing down it’s back, roaring as I sink into the icy mist toward the end of the rainbow.

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