Happy 2018, from all of us at Dochia!

With a new year comes a new start. We’re on to some positively exciting developments here at Dochia that will launch our Voice in the world of design beyond interiors.

As a first step, we’re complementing this existing running blog with the Dochia News Feed that will strictly deal with the daily activities of the interior design practice.

From design dilemas on current projects, to lunch and learns, to photos of ongoing projects or sketches and material boards we may have on the go, this will be your portal to our daily creative processes, revelations and sometimes, struggles.

You will see us for who we are and what we offer to our clients every day. This will be the uncut version of our polished design products, the good the bad and the ugly that comes before the great reveal.

In parallel, My 2 Cents on Design Blog will continue on with content that you’re by now used to, and will maintain and grow its focus on expertise, design opinions and so much more! Without revealing too much of what there is to come on that front, the quality, values, lifestyle and harmony of what Dochia stands for and believes life-as-you-know-it is all about, will permeate all our endeavors and be yours to explore, learn from and enjoy. Come back for more!

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