IKEA Shopping finds

Ikea shopping in November is fun. All these interiors already set up, nothing to do but look for yours and take it home!

Although I wish blackboards were that clean and neat when taken home; they have a mysterious way of getting too full.

The closet section always my favorite.

Some of these sliders are so nice. We often simply combine them with a partial built-in and you get a fully custom look.

Storage section, high on my list as well; baskets, bins, boxes are great here.

Never enough shelves for shoes..

The industrial look is here, it hit the mainstream, hence will stay for a year or two.

Patterned tiles took less time to spread like fire. From old country homes to contemporary, these have a strong impact on interiors everywhere. Fantastic patterns out there from simpler to intricate, from refined to more butch.

Not everyone’s cup of tea, yet a beautiful alternative. Too bad they are such a defined trend, they will be out one day and looked upon as passee. Same as with over-played songs on the radio, no matter how nice the song, eventually you become numb to it and do not want to hear it anymore.


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