Sci-fi and the future of the body imagined

My fascination with sci-fi as a genre lies in the forgiveness with which the public accepts its ideas.  Imagination in the sphere of the future is accepted much easier than in the realm of the present.
As a designer of interiors, many of my ideas are shot down, questioned, torsioned, probed and often some are emulsified to such degree that they are completely killed.

I’ve learned to let those go or reapply them in a context where they may find a better home.
For interior design, like thought, needs a nourishing environment in order to excel.
It is never a question of practicality, a good professional will ensure that the practical aspect of design is always superbly addressed. Rejection to ideas is aesthetically driven, biased and personal.
For any idea to take shape you need a fruitful symbiosis between the designer and the owner. No interior design is unidirectional. Unlike art, when the critique takes place after the work has been done, with design the critique is during the work being created.
I liked sci-fi from very early on in my youth and read many a night a mixed concoction of imagined worlds at a time when the real one was just opening up to me. In parallel, I lived the high school life – which in my case was studying hard and nourishing good friendships- and the fantasy life of great literature from both sides of the Iron Curtain: H.G. Wells, Stanislav Lem, Aldous Huxley, Orwell, William Gibson, Arcady and Boris Strugatsky, Isac Asimov, Ray Bradbury and the wonderful worlds of Jules Verne.
These worlds were as far and unreal as the western world was to my travel-censored life. There was a time when it was more probable for me to go into space rather than to Paris.
Later on, Tarkovsky was among the first to translate these for me on the screen. People that I’ve imagined were there, right in front of my eyes. Ever since then, I enjoy this genre tremendously in how it redefines our garb, the cities and houses we live in, remodels rituals of habit, eating, loving and dying.
It is a vessel of endless possibilities for creation and recreation.
See the latest: CNN just publicized the Asgardia Satelite launch – first Space Nation

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