Home Offices

We all want to like our work. Some of us do and some of us don’t, no mystery there. Work, understood as one’s predominant activity and usually associated with some financial reimbursement, tends to often take over what we think of ourselves to be. There are books and theories written on this subject from life work balance to defining the self, to purpose and legacy in life.

Most of us go to the extent where we carve a space in our homes to deal with work although except for those that actually do their main work from home, this is different. It is more a space where we connect with it and yet, we do all kinds of other things there.

Nowadays, because so much of what we set out to do is mediated through computers – from bill payments to scheduling parties, to buying event tickets and purely shopping -, the home office has sprawled outside its strict work-related meaning into a multipurpose room, area, or corner of the couch that serves all these functions combined.

What is important in setting your own office is tied to a multitude of non-work related factors. Ambiance, comfort, having everything you need, proximity to other parts of the house to allow you to flexibly shift in and out.

Whichever the case, one thing to remember in order to get your home office right is that your home office is first your home, and home rules should take precedence over any others.



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