How is your gym’s ceiling?

Did you notice how gyms tend to have very uniform floors? It is common sense given the amount of equipment that needs to go on them. Some of the fun-designed ones though do tend to make up in excitement through their ceilings.

After all, gyms need to be inspiring and conducive of energy and good spirits. Here are some very cool examples of how to do it..


play with light:

contrasting colours, wavy patterns and lights make a lattice-like ceiling that adds movement to the space:

organic lights and shapes create an artistic stimulating effect:

dark asymmetrical wood panels warm up the space and make it personable:

a fan-like ceiling ties into te architecture and sets off a breeze:

wood slats build up rhythm:

organic large scale amoeba ceilinngs..intersting psychological approach:

not everyone’s cup of cake, but gets points for fun!:

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