MODERN INDUSTRIAL, 16 ways to use steel doors

Reminiscing an older style and reinventing it in a contemporary context is fascinating.

Add to that the mystery of doors, places of passage, offering glimpses of alternate possibilities, worlds to enter or escape from.

Each room has a door, each room has a world in it.

Whether we rest, bathe, entertain, cry, laugh, cuddle our children, love or work, we do it better if the space we occupy psychologically supports us.

Not often enough do we pay attention to entering and occupying a space, much less how we can derive our energy from it, control how it affects us and what we do in it.


We may do it subconsciously, that’s what makes us prefer one interior over another in both, our spaces or others’.

When we renovate or build a home, that’s the opportunity to think this relationship thru, to enhance it, use it at its full potential, make it serve us best.

Doors within this context are worth more than what we typically give them credit for. It’s easy to dismiss what you can do with them when there is so much else to think about when you design.

To place them on the background of the seemingly more important decisions related to kitchens, and furniture, and paint and lights.

And yet, doors are everywhere waiting to be seen and given an opportunity to shine.

Steel doors in homes are laden with meaning. From a hard-working time of an iron-age-passed, to the XIXth century man controlling and enslaving steel into purposeful submission, a thin lattice of metal and glass that unifies rooms and builds ambiance.

…an ode to movement and passage.. Marni thought..could be..

Look at doors as you see them, imagine what they hide, or show you. Choose your doors carefully.

The ones you look through, the ones you enter, the ones you want to keep out of and particularly, the ones you want to pass through, back and forth, over and over again.

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