Accent mosaics and tiles

When it comes to a certain tile-look in your kitchen or bathroom, there are a few rules that if adhered to, will get you the best value for your efforts.

Reve, a jewel glass mosaic, is shown in Gold Glass, Agate, and Quartz.

Look for something with personality. Best to let your instincts rule on this one. If you walk into a place and you see something you love, then get it.

Zazen, a jewel glass mosaic shown in Chalcedony and Quartz, is part of the Miraflores Collection by Paul Schatz for New Ravenna Mosaics.

Work around it: get the other materials in the room to play off it in terms of colour, texture, or just simply a subdued version of what the mosaic is.
Put enough of it and in the right place. 
I don’t think there is anything worse than having the right material displayed in the wrong spot, where it just simply does not do what it could possibly do or worse, there is so little of it that it just does not do anything at all.

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