for me.. what is blogging all about

After a few years into it, it is worth considering why do it. A lot of people blog these days. Initially blogging generated a small group of a new kind of writers. With no platform, struggling to get ideas out, often not knowing how. By just doing it with no focus nor purpose, eventually, you will only have non-focused, non-purpose readers.
Nobody wants that. So consider picking and selecting what you care and want to focus on. Then you will find your readers; ones that like what you like; ones for which what you write matters. New to regular writing schedules, this took a while for me to fully realize and as of now, I’m still in the process of balancing my focus.
Interestingly enough but to no surprise, I lack single focus but rather thrive, as in the way I design, in a group of focus-elements. I’ve always liked the connection between things more than the things themselves. Interactions over intrinsic-ness, reaction to something over static being.
Thinking this way opens your perception, wider lenses are applied and ideas interact in seemingly aleatory way. Making something out of all these interesting observations, happenstances, coincidences while keeping a platform, even if as a grouping of topics, is what good, “evolved” blogging is about.
My bits of writing are pieces of thought that I hope can shine a quasi-unique view on some of the things around us. Some are incomplete, raising questions and inciting answers.
Most are complete and assertive. My life as an observer and a maker taught me that to make great things you do need to be assertive and trust your knowledge and beliefs to an almost preaching-like quality. Not always a winning approach when you try to explain why something you make matters beyond doubt. I suppose that’s why many designers and architects often find themselves stuck between the ‘in-their-eyes’ perfection of their ideas and the incapacity of conveying acceptance to the public.
Without aspiring to instant journalistic hit, this is a way to get your voice out. And if you do it, you better have something to say. An audience of one, is still an audience.

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    An audience of one, is still an audience. and very best is ouselves , fine post , thank you giving a simple and truthful explanation on all.

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