Fixing potlights layout on site

Some of the most important site visits for you to have if you build a new home are lighting and ceiling coordination visits with the designer.


As the lighting and ceiling plans go to the contractor, the plans  that are the result of your many hours of work with your designer, figuring out what mood-scenes you want to build, what lights to switch where, which ones you want dimmed and which ones you want on motion sensors, you need to ensure they will be implemented just the way you want them or at the very least, that if changes need to be made, you’re not losing the critical aspects of your overall vision.


Lighting is one of the most important design tools that you can employ in your home.


It can make a difference between creating a room to be viewed from the distance, and a room that you absolutely love to be in.


Best to have these visits before you drywall but, like here, they can happen after with a bit of patching and shuffling around. A good designer comes up with solutions at all phases and saves you money even if things are already built.


But of course, nothing is cheaper than to do it first on paper. Draw twice and build once..

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