On Proximity, Space and Light Installations. The Distillery District

Needless to say, beautiful lights at night have a pleasant charm to them.When those lights are designed by artists and architects and placed in the open, the city transforms into a curated exhibit.
Few places around the world have light festivals and now we have it too!
Out of the ones on display at the Distillery, my favorite is Tom Dekivere’s “Our House”. One thing that it has working for it from the get-go is the fact that it is a site-specific installation. I find these the most powerful in exploring and revealing new ways to perceive and experience space, specifically, proximity.
Proximity is an interesting and subjective component of space. It does not exist by itself, like most other components do. It exists through an affiliation with another entity.
tom-dekyvere-dochia-toronto-lights-distillery-1Often times it speaks to the relationship between surroundings and our human body, it plays with scale, emotion, thought and our senses. Success or failure of installations that explore such proximity is dependant on how they resonate with the individual.
P.S. Here is my favorite definition of space: “the unlimited expanse in which everything is located”.

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