Fabulous Eclectic for Kate Moss and Johnny Depp

A beautiful interior that is lived in – gorgeously lit room and the other side: modest and so pleasant piece by piece, the room is full, with very little.. casual, cosy mix patched walls exposed wiring glowing tin ceilings and no uppers the friendliest of terraces city view at its best    

Fixing potlights layout on site

Some of the most important site visits for you to have if you build a new home are lighting and ceiling coordination visits with the designer. As the lighting and ceiling plans go to the contractor, the plans  that are the result of your many hours of work with your designer, figuring out what mood-scenes you…

Spring inspiration

Sometimes the little things can provide a lot of insight, inspiration and the power to rebuild. Parks at the crack of spring, I find, are one of them.

On Proximity, Space and Light Installations. The Distillery District

Needless to say, beautiful lights at night have a pleasant charm to them.When those lights are designed by artists and architects and placed in the open, the city transforms into a curated exhibit. Few places around the world have light festivals and now we have it too! Out of the ones on display at the Distillery, my favorite…