Charging pads and surfaces

As computers get smaller, screens get bigger, appliances get smarter, let’s focus our attention a bit on charging all these things. There has been talk for a very long time of the disappearance of cables. I think we are getting a step closer. How many steps in total we need? that is a good question…
Here is how it is done: sensors/chargers are basically all hidden beneath the surface
dochia-charging-corian-pad-2and the material itself, be it wood or corian, allows the phone above to communicate with the caring pad below.
The future, however, is indeed to integrate charging technology in materials themselves. Imagine for instance your clothes being made of techno-materials that drive their energy from the sun, through your shoulder pads for instance (yes, maybe this is how they will be back 😃 ) and drive it right into your cell phone in your pocket. Now that will save me a lot of grief!

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