The cliche of winter travel

Pressed with the power of winter, the supposedly doom and gloom of winds and snow, we are all pushed toward better, warmer and distant lands. The liberation-lure of winter travel is so ubiquitously inserted in every little piece of news, broadcast, radio blip that it is hard to avoid it not moulding your belief to its truthfulness.
Winter is commonly mediatized as unfavourable, unwanted, unpleasant, unbearable, almost disease-like, an epidemic in it’s takeover stage. Remedies pop up everywhere, Aruba, Mexico, Hawaii, but never Alaska.
All these lands, where winter does not dare to go are disease-free, untouched, welcoming, protecting. You need to go there to heal, to make bearable the fact that you are unlucky enough to live in a savage land, that still gets hit by Cold.
That being said, travel is fun, don’t get me wrong. But do we really need to all think the same travel and travel the same way? Can we not go and see how other people enjoy winter for instance, instead of how they escape it? Maybe we just don’t know anymore how to enjoy it.. we should re-learn, since we live in a winter land, it will be fun.
If you had not guessed by now, I do like winter…I especially love the first snow; have you noticed how so often it comes at night, ready for you when you wake up; there is nothing so bright as the sun shining over that first blanket of white. That is happiness, there to be seen and enjoyed. Kids see that more than adults.
And while I do not jump out there and make a snowman, I turn my room around such that on those days my morning faces the sun, the snow, window slightly open with fresh air filling my lungs, blanket over my feet and the hot steam of coffee filling my nostrils. All there is left to do, other than sheer immersion in the moment, is waiting for the neighbourhood rabbit to come and walk his first prints in the snow.
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