Sibiu, Transylvania, Unesco – work in progress!

What a wonderful business trip it is when you visit a fantastic city, work with amazing people and eat lots of great food! That pretty much summarizes my recent trip to Sibiu, Romania. Our project there is shaping up quite nicely, here a sneak peek:


the courtyard is getting there, probably last to be paved due to obvious planning reasons…


this original ceiling was raised by a foot in this room!


modern tilt and turn windows installed


doors are fabulous!


beautiful marble stone sills inserted in the 15th century walls and tracks ready to take the radiators


the heavy patterned floor of the kitchen in unit #4


the antiquated damask-patterned backslash tile in unit #2


the cleaned up stair ready for finishes


the fuchsia kitchen ready for install! I was really hoping this would be in place by the time I get there..


one of the bedrooms with the new version (non-XV-th century) beamed ceiling


the brick vaulted room that we stumbled upon, a gem that will be incorporated in the new main floor design


and one of my favourite lunches: grilled octopus with garlic!



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