Ideas in Motion

Mind-wondering is a wonderful way to fantasize and construct. A creative mind, and not only, finds self-absorption to be a fulfilling and often-times prolific generator of change, beauty, happiness and positive ideas.
Leaving aside the traumatic moments of our lives when spending too much time alone can often be detrimental, generally speaking – the scenarios that one imagines when alone are aspirational, forward-looking and aiming to tackle the promising upcoming future.
A key ingredient for me is to let my thoughts wander while absorbing surroundings. I find they influence each other as they pass thru my mind, intersecting in  a playful way, generating all kinds of interesting outcomes from design bits on my projects, to topics of research, to themes for my first book. (yes… don’t we all dream to write a book?)
Driving often seems to be a thought-generous time where images, colours, events move fast by, in abrupt interaction with sounds, while resonating with everything else that I may be thinking about or that may be happening at the moment. A powerful creative state, in its anticipation, and without a definable focus.


Suspending deliberate and rational thought is one of the most rewarding creative exercises I know and use quite frequently.

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