Colour affection transference to Design

As a child, you must’ve come across the question ‘do you dream in colour?’. I remember when I was asked that and thought, ‘is there anything else but colour?’
In high school I was slowly infatuated with greens, then blues, then orange and many more. Years later I discovered white and then in architecture school, black. Black had the power to absorb my attention and make me focus. What I’ve learned from black is the power of colour. On me, and others.
The one fascination that always stayed with me though, is white, with its visual and sensorial control through space.
Affection to white among the other colours – mostly vibrant, sometimes muted – populate my dreams and imagination. White shows me how to put the rest of the colours together, weave textures and not give up when to little is at play but know how to draw back when too much is on the plate.
As one sees things with their mind, asleep or awake, colour embraces everything and shapes things into becoming what they are meant to be.
Miro: ‘The colour of my dreams’

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