New York Penthouse, in style – Jennifer Lopez

I love the breezy airy and soft feel of this residence.


Soft colours and white especially, have the power to filter light in a very pleasant and calming, even rejuvenating way.


No wonder this is the colour theme of many a spa.


Minimalist kitchens, aside from perfect entertaining spaces, give you  a sense of powerful control, as a home cook. I also love the stainless steel hood/shelf integration.


The positioning of the dining room off-centre is quite clever in creating additional seating and setting up a more spectator-like effect. Traditionally, dining is often a hub of attention where all those around the table feel like protagonists in a play full of dialogue…or if they don’t, they should. By pushing the table to the side, it is interesting to think of how this relationship changes due to simply getting closer to the walls of the room.


Despite the unconventional positioning of the stair, or because of it, the glass guards around it add gentle interest to the room.


The museum-like quality of the bathroom is quite appealing.


When it comes to bedrooms, there is nothing like recharging from nature. The roof-top terrace and it’s relationship to sleep is one of my favourites.

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