2016 Kitchen Trends in residential design

According to the design panel at the IDS 2016 Toronto, here are the trends + my take on them!
Most of them do come from Europe and I have to say some of them have been around for… a while, over there. As a child and youth I actually saw some of these in real life some new, like the programmable stove that my aunt in former Yugoslavia had in the early 90’s, some of them are just old and making a comeback, like the black kitchen of the art-deco.
Black is the new white
Black is making a comeback; interesting to see this now, when white is acclaimed by some to be the colour of the year.
The lighter, breezier palette of years past is taken over by strong, assertive colours which I assume, at least in part, is due to the increasing confidence of the clientelle.
The lifestyle kitchen
This is again a spreading – rather than a new trend. For over a decade now, in my design practice, I have approached kitchens as part of the day-time spaces, cohesively  integrated with other areas such as seating, dining, entertaining. But like with any other trend, a trend is a trend when it becomes mainstream.
Refined industrial elegance
Applied particularly to kitchens, the rough industrial is undergoing a twist; a welcoming soft take on the traditionally rougher style.
Contrast grout
This is true and I believe part of the whole movement toward pattern and decorative surfaces. The contrast grout in floor or backsplash tile gives you a surface treatment with movement and repetition that is often playful and happy.
Tech takeover
Absolutely! An old trend by now though, in continuous development and active since years back. Portability and customization are the new component of tech that I predict, will soon feel every crevice of design the way it already fills all train of thought. (more on this to come)..
Capability to program your stove, control your lights, even include colour in the smoke of your steam shower (…yes it would take a leap to have one in the kitchen..) are only a few of the endless possibilities that computers can provide.

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