Is there a hardwood trend these days?

It’s all about boldness. Matte textured surfaces from wire brushed to water-based poly, to subdued oil finishes, planks of all widths – they are all in. It’s interesting to see how such a mix of characteristics produces yet a clear and definable trend: floors to be used and abused, easy to clean and maintain, with great aesthetic flexibility building a strong visual ground to walk on.
Greys are still popular but with a twist – a white weathered washed grey in wider planks or small parquet is suited for both, a lofty look or a Muskoka cottage.
Darks floors are getting darker than ever, hitting true Ebony blacks. You can’t get bolder than that.
Light washes and true blondes will always have an audience but now it’s spreading to mainstream, in both traditional and contemporary interiors.

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