The mystery of many bathrooms

Remember the days when the whole family shared the outhouse WC? Not that it was better, but are we not getting a bit extreme?
There are many many reasons to have multiple bathrooms, even one per bedroom, extra powder room and so forth. They are in fact essential to big families and to those who entertain. Often they offer the joy of not having to share your bathroom with your sister or brother.
The bathrooms and their count is not a problem per se.
What is though, is the imposition of a large number of bathrooms on a home that does not have the square footage to afford it. What happens then is that in order to accommodate the bathrooms, the bedrooms become ridiculously small.
This is a fault of a system that has no time to pause and think.
And while change trickles down from the trend-setters, applying the norm of a 10,000 square feet home to a 4,000 square foot one is worth a pause for consideration.

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