The life of a hanger

Hangers either get noticed, or disappear under their load. They proudly decorate the surface they are on, or grip their load just right to make that coat flow down in perfect folds. Often at the entrance, they greet you when you come in, and help you with your guest’s attire. They stand tall and don’t bend under pressure.

lacima-rope-hangingThere are many kinds of hangers. The ones that crease your coat’s collar, damage the shoulder strap of your favourite purse. These are the kinds you don’t want. And then there are those that keep their load in pristine condition. These are the ones that make the garments look better and oftentimes, even your walls look better.

These ones deserve to be seen, be displayed and enjoyed even when not used. My six top choices:

eames-hangitallHang it All from Eames, a classic by now, the round, colourful

julian-appelius-drop-xl-coat-hangerJulian Appelius drop xl paint

lacima-rope-hanging2Lacima rope hanger

lucanichetto-ceramic-hooksLucan nichetto ceramic hooks and baskets

alone-light-hangers-paluccoAlone light hangers palluco

coathanger-design-folioCoat hanger design folio

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