Listening to Tom Dixon and Ora Ito

Rarely when looking at an object one gives sufficient thought to the process it underwent prior to its final form. Recently at the interior design show here in Toronto, two prominent contemporary designers talked about their way of work – here are some excerpts.
Exponent of the punk era and Sex Pistols, the esteemed Tom Dixon names his design style expressionist minimalist. He is fascinated by the intangibles of space: smell and sound and uses them as tools in his process of creation.
An admirer of the Italian creative sensibility and their powerful force in the design world, Tom generates pieces that are sculptural and have a strong materiality.

ora-ito-evomobil-citroenSimplexity is the new simplicity according to the iconic Ora Ito. As he creates, the process of design is constant, only the variables and particularities of the project differ. The results are superbly proportioned organic shapes that distill and  the brand they represent.
Ora also talked about the continued discontent of the artist with his past work and  about not touching already perfect designs.

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