The power of White, Colour of the Year 2016

My favourite: White. There is no colour like it. It can equally successfully be: modern minimalist sophisticated organic opulent urban see-side fresh pure and friendly-institutional

Dochia renovates UNESCO Building in Transylvania

We’re excited at the unique opportunity to renovate and design the interior of the future Inn! The five-apartment Inn is part of the UNESCO Heritage center of the beautiful city of Sibiu, located in Transylvania, Romania. View of downtown: Panorama: The project as is: Views of Sibiu:   For more information on UNESCO Sites click here.  Wait for it it on airbnb to book your…

Interior Design Trends, 2016

2016 will be all about personalization in the context of streamlining and minimizing uselessness: lighter wood coloured floors brighter colour choices a no-nonsense, fluff-free approach to design healthy products wellness and ease of use while individualized choices and customization will continue.

Drawing Imagined Space

Where many young designers and architects stumble is in how to draw the ideas they have such that a client not only understands what it is proposed, but also approves it. Such approvals are key to moving a project ahead. And when all approved, one needs to draw it such that the contractor and his…

Furniture that mixes the old and the new

Tables are by now as old as time. And yet, they get continuously reinvented. What a wonderful mix of stainless steel and raw cut wood to create a unique and adaptable piece.