Fabulous places for books

I can safely say that books are not on their way out. Not until reading is out all-together. The second we are able to assimilate information, and get the pleasure of a good novel from a different form then yes, books will eventually go.
As the electronic age is getting firmly established reading gets however diluted between different media. Books simply do not cover 100% of one’s reading spectrum. Often-times facts get looked up and read online but a good novel is still preferred in print form. If you’re anything like me, and while traveling you never seem to grab the right book and end up with three pulling heavily down your shoulder, you will consider an e-reader that can hold a variety of genres for whichever mood you may be in on the plane.
To add to all this, another interesting phenomena is taking place: books cease to be collections of stories and become sought after decor. Not only that, but their placement within spaces seems to get quite innovative, don’t you think?
Books are in! Read, played and displayed!

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