Tolix, Marais Chair

An icon of industrial design, this chair is among few that have been part of our early twentieth-century design heritage. French designer Xavier Pauchard that was one of the pioneers of galvanization shortly after World War I. He established TOLIX as a registered trademark and focused on household items made using this process. Featured at…

Fabulous places for books

I can safely say that books are not on their way out. Not until reading is out all-together. The second we are able to assimilate information, and get the pleasure of a good novel from a different form then yes, books will eventually go. As the electronic age is getting firmly established reading gets however…

Colour Day and Night

What a playful sun we have. Look! How wonderfully different this same restaurant is, in day and in night.

City Living

Don’t you just love the fact that we are a mature society? That we offer the best in both, a work and family environment, content with nothing but perfection or, realistically, the strive toward it, that we value the art of living and expect only the best?   Of course, what perfection is, it remains…

Beautiful Condo Corridors

Often-time you wonder in how many ways can you possibly re-invent such a simple spatial construct. And yet…here are 7 that define the major styles: the snazzy the artsy the contemporary the modern the classical the homey the industrial