Trendy/Retro baths

A new breed of retro is in: trendy is redefined with a flair of the old. Can you tell what makes this bathroom retro? Can you tell what makes it trendy? More to come…

Architecture in Movies

More attention should be paid to the background in movies. Wonderful examples of historic architecture are often portrayed. Here are only a few: Ricardo Bofill apartment building, seen in Terry Gilliam’s 1975 film Brazil: Hitchcock’s North by Northwest with Frank Lloyd Wright’s Villa: Kubrick’s surreal and yet real surroundings: Bertolucci’s The Conformist, after Alberto Moravia’s great…

Artistic Furniture

Out of the box in manufacturing is hard to do. A chair if you can’t sit on it, is it still a chair? I would say Jinil Park is the author of sketched-like furniture. How great is this bed! or these tables inspired by galloping horses.  


Walls are often understated. Brushed most of the time with a simple coat of paint, they have the potential to be powerful surfaces. And from time to time we see  that embraced.