Harbingers of Failure, not as bad of a label as you would think

A catchy name indeed, I first heard it on the radio and was immediately interested. Maybe that is a give-away right there…
A new study shows that the early adoption of new products by certain groups of people points to their potential failure. While at first this sounds like a bad label since you don’t want to have ‘failure’ in any way associated with yourself, in this particular case it may not be that bad.
Turns out that some of such groups are designers. And I’m certain, other innovators fall in there as well. Could it be because they are more open to concepts and willing to forego criteria that others don’t? That are more willing to appreciate the innovation and the attempt to be different?
Bombardier and his snowmobiles may not have been too popular at the beginning and I’m sure he tried a few before things worked out smoothly. After all, designers and inventors alike, are often seeing and seeking things that others don’t by trying over and over again after each flop. A great way to get somewhere where no one has been is by making failure your best friend.

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