Is your cottage kitchen ready for a breakfast crowd

Looking forward to cottage season one needs to plan not only the meat for the supper barbecue but the eggs and bacon for the breakfast cooking. It is interesting to see how we streamlined the dinners and complicated the breakfast.rustic-kitchen-1
From a cooking point of view, barbecue dinner has it’s benefits. You can split the prep tasks by having one person in charge of the meat outdoors, another of the salad and a third of any stove or oven-cooked side dishes. That will distribute the chefs between the indoor and outdoor cooking.
Consider breakfast though and the space it requires. While swimming and bedtime schedules may vary, a hearty breakfast or brunch is everyone’s favourite.
If you are a breakfast lover you will know that all needs to be done in the same time: the eggs and the bacon, the hash browns and the pancakes, the french toast and the fruits, the orange juice and chocolate milk. Not to mention that if by any chance you deal with picky customers, they may all want their eggs in particular and different ways.
This is one of the reasons for which the design of a kitchen cottage is often quite different from that of a city home; and if you’re building or renovating your cottage kitchen and expect eight to ten morning occupants on regular basis, consider the following:
Get a large enough cooktop to allow for many dishes to be done in the same time.
Allow for ample prep counter; a two-island kitchen will allow helpers to actually properly have space to help you
Two sinks are a must!
And last but not least, nothing like two dishwashers for easy cleanup after a large crowd.
Happy Summer!

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