Nashville, the music of architecture

Busy with professionals arrived for the various conventions and stars ready to perform, the city is full of sound and entertainment.
The recently added Music Centre, a convention centre housing numerous exhibits and meeting halls, celebrates the rhythm and soul of this artistic city.
The building is a pleasure to explore and admire with it’s sound-inspired architecture. From the signature-Nashville rocking chairs to the musical staff inspired light fixtures, it is filled with symbols and memorabilia.
A contemporary whimsical addition are these beautiful True Love outdoor chairs made in Denmark.
The Country Music Hall of Fame is indeed a great example of music in the making. Here you can explore everything from the early days of fiddle contests to the hot days of rock-and roll and blues.
The Fontanelle Mansion is a worthwhile tour that should no be missed – a glimpse at Barbara Mandrell’s former home which aside from being filled with musical instruments used by many famous stars, is the largest log-home in the world.
Fontanele-Barbara-Mandrell-54Beautifully crafted and seated in gorgeous natural surroundings, it is above all the home of a loving family. Still used for events by family members and celebrities, it showcases the ‘behind the curtains’ domesticity of a show-biz icon.
Complete with its own helipad, of course…

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