High-end brands get competition

The time when the luxury market is an unquestioned establishment has come to an end. Trend reports show two important shifts: one, that the luxury market is increasing and second, that it is less populated by big brands and increasingly full of the lesser known.
We tend to gear away from selecting based on recognition and move toward selecting based on taste, quality and personal preference.
We will see more and more the power of the single mind, a renaissance of sorts with “a push toward authenticity and unique experiences’ as Luxury Daily puts it.
The status quo of the brands, as much in interior design as in fashion, architecture and other, is going to be challenged by the lesser known high quality designers and products.
That does not necessarily denote an increase in wealth as much as an interest in the better things in life that will inevitably bring design to a higher standard and raise the bar in terms of good taste.
The matter of taste and its authority has been always questioned among the connoisseurs as well as among the self-proclaimed guru’s. I doubt that we can find anything more questioned in our postmodern uncertainty than taste. It is up there with questions of health and wellness.
Taste is the ultimate tool employed in design, a formative judge of our opinions that we use to navigate the information overload we are exposed to daily. Having too much, makes us choose, deliberately, very little and very precise. The choice is aimed boldly at being different, as opposed to being the same with everybody else.
The giving-in to mainstream becomes less and less mainstream itself.

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