5 Shades of white

White is by far my favourite colour. It combines all the colours in one, pure, soft, calming power. It also makes a radiating friend out of each other colour by its side. It is approachable, calming, pure, clean… the associations are endless.
Here are five ways to look at how to work with white and make the best of it:
1. place it in contrast – a powerful, strong combo
2. pair it with a soft, warm natural tone for a soothing effect
3. keep it all white – zen…
4. make it part of a range from white to dark grey, to reds or other saturated colours, to black; do this for a sophisticated effect
corner seating
5. make it sculptural: get the piece for it’s shape; it can be placed anywhere, even next to a purple table if it has the right shapedomodinamica-vitesse-stool

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