Double vanities under 5’ are a no-no

If you consider redoing your bath and, for market-sake, look into a double vanity that is under five feet long consider this:
  • to wash side by side you need 30” comfortably, minimum 24″ per person
  • if you put two sinks in the vanity you are left with no counter-space; so if you really want to do it, stick with oval sinks and keep them really small
  • for a shared bath if two people are really at the counter one will be washing while the other may be brushing their hair thus not needing a sink.
Must-have’s like this are started by the custom home luxury market with opulent baths and ample space. As trends propagate to mid and lower end realty, various selling features get re-packaged. Some things work, some don’t.
Always question what the market asks for and judge if it makes practical sense.

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