The smart home

The technological extension of your body+home
Are you ready for a smart home? Pols say that women under 35 welcome it. It’s no wonder.Time and how much you can fit it in is one hot contemporary topic.
From childhood, parents nowadays pack their kids with multiple after-school activities. If you are like me, you may remember doing one or two things yourself but you also remember those long after-school afternoons of play and laziness. Those days are not the days of children today. Expectations changed with the times. Laziness is not popular now. I find that somewhat disappointing since I believe that one needs to be comfortable with oneself and that is only possible when there is nothing to do. That’s when you think and your mind wonders and you like what you find on the way and make something of it. That’s what I’m looking for, to get more time for that.
 The younger generation needs to fit much more in the 24 hours available. But the 24 hours are still 24. Until that changes, who does not want to have their “daily to do” list substantially cut buy programming a few features!
Like getting you fridge to know what’s missing; yes, it is very much like The Stepford Wives only in a non-robotic kind of way. (Some may think this fridge is a myth, maybe now, but it’s coming.)
It’s very much like having an assistant. Here is my preferred scenario, since I like starting the weekend early. Imagine:
You get up in the morning. It’s Monday and you have guests on Friday. You buy your groceries online, which due to pre-saved lists and organized orders from weeks before will eventually turn your two-hour isle-browsing into fifteen minutes of efficient shopping. Then all you do is pick a Thursday night delivery time slot.
As it shows up conveniently at the door, you are ready to pre-cook and preset your first or side course such that for Friday, you program your oven and your cooktop to go off just in time for you to come in and season everything right before the guests arrive.
Then instead of scrambling at the last-minute, you come in gracefully composed and right from the hair salon a few minutes before the guests arrive and relaxing, with the wine in your hand, you get that steak done in front of them, sizzling hot and made to perfection.
Of course, there are many other advantages to a smart home aside from the ideal meal prep-fantasy; personally the ones that can touch my daily life in a time-saving manner are the ones that interest me most. Check out the possibilities and see what you would like your home to help you with next:
While there is much more to go and this is only the beginning, it is a provoking one that I hope to enjoy as much as I can.
A smart home is a home that gives you back the lost time. It is a result of our ‘technological extension’ as McLuhan rightly said it, put to best use. What you do with the time, is up to you.

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