on Mexico

Oasis of entertainment, constructed to fit within a preset rhythm of preconditioning and expectation, Mexico is one of the most popular March Break destinations.
The one of coastlines and blue waters, the one of the palm trees and the ever so wonderful food, the one of night-time shows and day-time bars by the pool.
What we often forget about the less tourist-crowded Mexico, from the Crystal Frontier to the Torres de Satellite, is that our neighbour to the south is strong and insightful, a powerful contributor to modern-day living as much as in the past, it was a cornerstone of early civilization.
Some of the key present-day commodities are Mexican contributions to the world including the birth control pill,  invented by Luis Miramontes in 1951.
Mexican art is often worthy of international acclaim. Gabriel Orozco’s conflicting art is insightful and intellectual posing questions of identity and the ephemeral nature of living.
A colourful country under the sun, we partially owe to Mexico the advent of colour tv and the use of fearless colours in architecture. Pritzker prize winner, architect Luis Barragan uses colour like no other – it is life itself.
The Gilardi house combines primary colours in light.
The architect’s own home boldly uses hues of pink to block interior geometric shapes.
“The Luis Barragán House and Studio is considered a magnum opus in the world of modern architecture. It represents the late phase of the International Modern Movement in architecture, where these ideas were applied regionally. The house and studio were built in 1948 in Mexico City.
Luis Barragán created an innovative architectural style that combined Modernism with the colonial and prehispanic architecture of Mexico and with that of the Mediterranean. His work has influenced the design of gardens and urban architecture in the Americas in the 20th century.” (Els Slots)

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