The art of travel

The fascination of travel has charmed the wondrous mind from Marco Polo and beyond. In his time, one traveled to learn and explore and to bring home a new way of doing things, a new way of life.
Novelty had a different kind of value than from what we load it with now. It used to be a journey. Now it is a click of a button.
Twentieth century brought us the ”escape” travel where the key lies in departing ‘here’, not arriving ‘there’. But what could possibly be waiting for you somewhere else for a week or two, when most of your time you live in a place that you want to escape from?
Travel can still be immersion and learning, instead of escape. It then starts with getting a comfortable room in a beautiful hotel or renting a small house because just like at home, you will come to it every night.
It starts with meeting locals at the market, cooking your own breakfast, having coffee every morning at the same coffee shop. It starts with avoiding the travel guide’s suggestions (yes, it is possible) and slowly, the old slower-paced, nourishing enjoyment of travel is rediscovered.
The more you stick to a task list objective-visit, the faster it will pass.
After all why would you want to rush a vacation, of any kind?

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