Get ready for the best reno: do not get advice from those who do not fully understand your needs

A great renovation is one that you walk into and simply feels right. It’s not just objects placed nicely and in tone with each other, it is more than the sum of its parts. It has presence and lure, meaning for its inhabitants, seamlessness, practicality and beauty.

wallpaper-xanadu-arte Often times when homeowners are thinking of renovating, they ask their friends, relatives, people at work. Renovations are a hot topic. From the media that puts out shows by the dozen to the neighbor next door that has a dumpster in the front yard, you are surrounded by the awe of making your space a better place.

You are ready to listen, to absorb. You have worries and insecurities. From not knowing if you can get what you want for what you have to not really knowing what you want because there is so much out there to choose from, you are envious of all those who seem to have it down.

The dumpster-renter next door is so lucky. He knows. He’s got a plan and running with it.

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Where do you begin? You ask everyone: your best friend, your hairdresser, your pharmacist, your kids. You may get more confused or feel that you do make some progress. As you move along, you turn it into a standing discussion topic for the dinner table and inevitably at some point doubt seeps in. What you need then is someone to trust and positively guide you thru this.

As much as you would not dream going thru an operation without a surgeon, don’t go into a renovation without a professional designer and do not get advice from those who do not fully understand your needs.

Designers are not only helping you pick colors, or shop for furniture, their role is far more encompassing.


Professional designers specialize in providing practical, safe and beautiful solutions for your spatial and aesthetic needs. Like any other professionals, they are highly trained experts in their field. That means that they will offer you solutions that no amateurs can, and add value to your property that you cannot achieve on your own.


Years of training, a look at literally thousands of ways of manipulating space, styles, functions, at how to analyze, interpret and predict lifestyle and translate it into physical form, working with tools and notions that have been developed and perfected as much as scientific processes, a good designer is on par with a surgeon with it’s scalpel.

Like that surgeon, the designer will come and slice out of your house the things that are not needed, correct the ones that need adjustment, re-align your space and let your home breathe and you, live better.

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