When shopping for furniture…

When shopping for furniture, best is to plan ahead and not aim for more than 4-5 per day. And once you’re done, in one, two or sometimes 5 days…organize the information and make your final decisions with all info on-hand.


Before hitting the town, make a list of items you would like to look for and group them per room. Do your homework and research online first for the looks, prices and distributors.


As you walk thru the store, photograph everything that does catch your eye. You may feel you do not need it or you can’t fit it but if you liked it, you will remember it and you may try to fit it in later.


Try everything; sit, recline, test. Get the store clerk to help you organize your list, explain finishes options and deliveries.


Don’t worry if you don’t find the items you started originally with. Do your walk-thru, collect information and in the piece and quiet of the home, as you catalogue and sort thru it all, a “look” will form and you will know what you like most and what you can do without.

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