DXV Honorable Award

“Your design was truly fantastic!”, DXV

Adriana gets Honorable Mention in the DXV Display Booth Design Competition
IDS – Interior Design Show, Opening Night 22nd of January 2015


Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby novel is arguably the epitome of glamour and legendary luxury. We are again in an age where style is of paramount importance, where quality of living equals and surpasses basic needs, where we reward ourselves with well designed objects that are purposeful as well as aesthetically attuned to our ambitious lifestyle. (see completion requirements at the end of the post)


The DXV collection represents the best reward, the most thoughtful elegance combined with fantastic functionality, the art of living celebrated and enjoyed.

Center-stage is the jewel-like giant yellow-gold ball-medallion housing the pop-grande round sink; symbolically a fountain, the source of water, joy, pleasure and renewal, all recurrent themes in the novel. The fountain is flanked by two bright white side walls with a custom graphic silver motif resonant of the 20’s deco era.

The two turquoise columns bearing twin shower arrangements reflect the many dynamic dualities of the novel: the old and new world, the superficiality of morals and of money, both, equally superfluous in the face of the real values of loyalty of love, represented by the central yellow-gold sink. They accentuate the beautiful lines of the slim square shower heads and Rem collection shower valves.


The black floor and back panel with small needle-pin lights romantically echo some of the most powerful settings of the novel, the night-time party scenes. The DXV logo is part of this ever-present understated elegance.

Light, mirrors and architectural form come together to enhance the display of the fixtures in an art-like manner. Powerful colours and decorative graphics build glamour and sophisticated simplicity in the same time.


The DXV competition requirements: The unique expression of DXV has been transformed by the art of storytelling. Past and present have become intertwined to tell a classic story of exquisite design. What would a moment from your favourite fiction look like?



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