Seasonal Biology and Design

2015 will prove to be an interesting year for interiors.  While some of the design directions are rather predictable, such as the soft, earth-friendly colour palette, the densification of urban centers and the resulting smaller and smaller condo, there is one trendy scientific field that is thought-provoking in terms of its impact on spatial perception and design.

It is called Seasonal Biology and it researches the connection between the season you’re born in, your personality traits and susceptibility to certain disorders. It is astrology with validated results on it’s way to scientific break-thru, all linked to genes and the amount of light a person is exposed to during their birth-month.

What will this mean for interior design? Hard to say right now, but if I was to speculate: it could potentially be used to affect thru design the day/night cycle to suit and regulate our moods and health.

We would introduce elements that can change and adjust light in a controlled, predictable and therapeutic way.  Natural-light-generating-screens, similar to the ones below could be just the beginning.



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