Trends, 2013

France - Alexander McQueen - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring / Summer 2013To state the obvious, colour trends in interior design do follow the lead of high fashion. Add to that your preferred tastes, the mix of furniture and colour you already own, and you are sure to find yourself quickly stunned by the overwhelming dissonance of them all. Next month’s post will feature the few steps you need to stay trendy and yet be yourself, effectively reuse what you have while spicing up here and there with new finds. But for now, with the new year started and the snow-white covering everything, here is a quick glance at the best colours of the year.


Bright and bold


If there is one image to sum it all up, here it is – from Moschino; lots of black and white, high contrast paired with saturated, bright colours, eyeglasses  – totally 60’s revival look.


I am a firm believer in detailing, layering and subdued complexity when it comes to elegance.



Lessons from fashion icons such as Chanel and Alexander McQueen can be extrapolated to interior design thru play of close colour tones and patterns, textures and transparency.


Always, my favourite part of designing

mcqueen2 blumarine4

Of course you can just grab things and put them together and if the composition is right, a pleasant effect will be achieved. And even though inspiration not always strikes, it is fantastic to see how much more powerful of an effect design can achieve when backed up by a strong message, idea or theme. Much like in any other art field, an interior can visually and emotionally communicate the same way.

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