TiFF, with or without PoPcorn

Are you ready for TIFF? Here is a fantastic piece of Toronto architecture and this is the perfect time to explore it!

Since its 2010 opening day, the Tiff Bell Lightbox at 350 King Street West is a City within a City.  

The Cinemas take the place of Cathedrals celebrated thru colour and texture, galleries are built to grade AA museum quality and light is cinematically used in design: milky handrails, catwalks and escalators that move up towards light, a subtle reference to passing from reality to film.

All cinemas are about the movie experience, says David Della of TIFF.  The result: classy rooms with dark soft walls striped in gold walnut bands and continental seating that allows you to view the screen looking slightly up.

Deep stages allow the productions to be spectacles that go beyond the flat screen. A complex structural system eliminates exterior noise; movie sounds are completely pure. You can bring a piano and a chorus to authenticate the silent film experience or have special event that combines live with on-screen components.


A private-affair hall on the sixth floor + roof top patio, elegantly works as a metaphor between film and architecture. It’s link to the eponymous Villa on Capri, immortalized on-screen in Godard’s 1964 movie, Le Mepris, speaks of the universality and fascination with the big screen.

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