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Ever found yourself trying to remember a great hotel room you’ve had when vacationing in one city or another? And regretting you did not take a shot of that restaurant where they had leather panels on the wall that will look only, oh, so good in your bedroom? [Rive Gauche, Le Chaplain, Paris]

Time to think ahead and plan some extra photos for your next holiday. [hotel Jules, Paris]

I like the striped, black and white modern couch in the middle of the soft toned room. A daring look. [at Castille, in Paris]

Look at the absolutely perfect bench with the play of mirrors above and the sculptural cocktail tables, they can garnish any rec room. I would probably do without the rocking chair and the cluttered lights…perfect example of take what you need only.. [hotel Jules, Paris]

A return to boudoir entertaining, with cosy seating and intimate-scale spaces. I like this muted yet playful suite [at Castille, in Paris], making a perfect get together with a small group of friends in any home.

Roman lounging is back with these outdoor beds [in Punta Cana]. They could as easily adorn a rooftop residential patio in the City.

Colour patches and shaped polycarbonate vanities are always fun, [Novotel, Bucharest]

 While triangular vanities such as this one [in Vienna] are great solutions for small bathrooms.

Look at this amphitheatre transition from one level to another [Bucharest, Romania]. Multilevel backyards lend themselves to opportunities like this. Next time you consider an elevated deck, explore the option of seated terracing instead.

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