5 projects by Herzog and deMeuron Architekten

A glimpse at the work of this talented team.

…2001 Pritzker Prize in Architecture…

The Rock Crystal Chandelier installed at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota is the objectified essence of their architecture of light and mass. Designed in 2005, you can trace it’s concept in the preceding architecture:

1998 – The Ricola Marketing Building [Laufen, Switzerland] is one of the early examples of their “skin” projects where pattern is used to create architecture and control light. The image is generated by the photographer Thomas Ruff and printed on the polycarbonate façade and roof overhang.

1998 – The Dominus Winery [Nappa Valley, California] has transparent facades made from the heaviest of materials: large, locally quarried stones of various sizes are encased in modular wire mesh gabions.


A unique homage to light and touch using materials from the surrounding landscape.

2009 – The Spain Museum [Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain] is structured around the idea of the courtyard as point of orientation.

The intersecting play of interior-exterior of spaces echoes in it’s decorative facades where we find the recurrent theme of soft light versus heavy matter, in this case, concrete.

As for their future work, here is the Miami Museum [Florida], estimated completion date is 2011. Ever wondered how the gardens of Babylon looked like? This will be the place to visit to get an idea.

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